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Mobile Aapps Development

What is mobile app

Smartphone is incomplete without apps!

You have to use apps when you own a Smartphone. Easy to download and often free, application allow you to play games; get turn-by-turn directions; and access news, books, weather, music, movies, health bulletin, videos everything: just tab; download and enjoy.

It is basically a software program that runs on a handheld device such as phone, tablet, e-reader, iPod etc that can be connected to wifi or wireless network and has an operating system that supports standalone software.

Why your business need Mobile app

Marketing analytics have detected a 4 times increase in Mobile app use as 60 percent business owners have chosen to use their Smartphone over laptops for checking and comparing product and pricing data. Now, that is pretty encouraging trend for the app development market!

Mobile applications development have been around from some time, but why sudden surge in its demand, some key factors are responsible for this surge that make this as hottest trend ever:

Universality of Smart Phone : There are approx 1.5 Billion smart phone users in world. Most easiest and promising way to reach potential customers.

App stores : 64% of mobile phone time is spent on Apps. Moreover On an average people checks their mobile phones over 150 times a day – that's once every 6 minutes! Hence it is one of the biggest ways to promote one's brand

Connect with you on the go customers : Customers use Apps 6x more than websites. The reason behind that is one can use app while on the go, which is impossible in the case of PC and laptop. Mobile application development has thus emerged as a tool by which you can connect with your customer anytime and anywhere.

Useful for Promotion : Mobile users find that apps are easy to access and are more user-friendly than searching the Internet on a mobile browser. Word of mouth publicity and user acceptance are highest by using apps as customer can refer their friends about the app that fuel promotion.

Customer service and support : Making it simpler and more efficient for your customers to get in touch with your company and offering them tools to make their life easier.

Additional source of sale : It has been evolved as another source of sales in addition to conventional method of selling. Majority of companies are getting mobile apps to increase their revenue.

Mobile app : the next generation technology

It is something that we can't go anywhere without seeing a sea of people using cell phones. Around 5 billion mobile phones are in the world out of which 1.08 Billions are smart phone. The stats itself collaborate the palpable significance of mobile in our life, which pave the way for the application. Again android undoubtedly rule the market in smart phone with 47% Market share, next come in iOS with 28.7% share in the pie.

The app business has 'come of age', and this worldwide success story is going fast, that has generated USD 20.4 billion revenue in 2013 and according to research it will further shoot up to USD 63.5 billion in 2017.

These facts indicate a wide urge in term of app as next generation miracle.


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